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đŸ’„ 2T 2R - Dual external antennas now provide 1.5 dB gain which boosts the TX power to the router by 50 percent.


đŸ’„ AMLogic 905x4 - This latest chipset from AMLogic is 10% faster in operation speed compared to 905x3.


đŸ’„ Android 11 / AV1 - Improved speed and support for AV1 codec.


đŸ’„ BT-400 Remote - New for 2022 is our most advanced remote; The Bt-400 is a Bluetooth smart remote with an auto TV learning feature.


đŸ’„ BuzzTV Smart Remote App - Control your backlight, Auto TV Source pairing, and color button programming through our brand new BuzzTV Smart Remote App.


đŸ’„ Bluetooth Range - Between the built-in Bluetooth on the PCBA, and the BT-400 remote, connectivity and response are significantly better.


đŸ’„ BuzzTV 5 App - Is standard.


đŸ’„ TV App Store / TV App version - True 4K streaming on most supported streaming services and offers TV Optimized apps.


đŸ’„ Bluetooth 5 - Most up-to-date version of Bluetooth for the best connection to the BT-400 remote.


đŸ’„ All Aluminum Construction - Our all-new design is a Triple Anodized Aluminum shell used for thermal efficiency and provides an elevated look and feel.


đŸ’„ Gigabit LAN Port - The Gigabit LAN port allows for the fastest and most stable internet over wired connections.


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