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Terms And Conditions Of Use



Xpress TV Inc. will not be liable for any manufacturer’s warranty. Customer has to contact directly with manufacturer for any manufacturing defect. Xpress TV Inc. will not entertain any manufacturer’s warranty.



Customers who purchased extended warranty on any product can claim the warranty by showing the original receipt of purchase. During the period for which Manufacturer warranty is applicable Xpress TV Inc. can get the product repaired/exchanged by original manufacturer. Xpress TV Inc. have full right to replace the product with any comparable product if original item purchased by the buyer is no longer available or cannot be repaired for any reason.


Xpress TV Inc. can also provide the credit for future purchase from Xpress TV Inc. at its sole discretion, which can be used to purchase any other item being sold at that time by Xpress TV Inc. Xpress TV Inc. will try repair the product first before replacing any product. Extended warranty will be totally void if Xpress TV Inc. found any intentional damage to the product or any repair done by someone other than Xpress TV Inc. without written notice.

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